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  • it a possibility?

    Jessica O.

    Well I am finally looking into getting a revision done.  I have RNY Gastric Bypass 12 years ago and lost 250 and gained a lot of that back.  The main reason I gained it back was because I wa...

  • 7 weeks out


    I'm now 7 weeks out today and have lost 55 pounds.   Yay for me.  I like the way my clothes are getting so loose and I have a lot more energy.  The weather is either rainy or snowy so I have...

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  • Gettin a date very soon...


    I will be meeting with the surgeon on December the 2nd. I am supposed to get my surgery date then. I could not be more excited. I just feel like I need to prepare and make lists. This all is...

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  • NSV: Clothing Swap


    I joined a plus-sized clothing swap group on Facebook a few months ago. It caters to sizes 14 or XL and greater. I had some great luck buying a couple pieces on there (a winter coat for $10 ...

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  • Had a Revision


    Dear friends, it's been a while since I updated, after getting disappointed and regaining some of my weight back  got a revision on 11/18/14, this time it was a little bit more painful but I...

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