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  • Being inpatient, lots of emotions


    I haven't had VSG surgery yet and I am just feeling pretty "down" today. I went to my primary physician because I have a myriad of health concerns I have kind of neglected for about a year o...

  • 11 days....


    I am rocking my pre-op diet. My instructions are protein shakes throughout the day and solid dinner (protein+veg). The first couple of days were rough, I'm not going to lie. It seems to have...

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  • Sleeved y goYesterday

    Terry G.

    Well, I survived!  Thanks to everyone for the well wishes.  The pain isn't bad and is very manageable.  I got up and walked for a bit last night, which mad my nurses very happy.  I  did more...

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  • Plateau


    I was doing great about 20 pounds down a month when suddenly I was only losing a few here and there and some weeks even going up one. :( I posted the question to see what others might have t...

  • Been studying.


    Got out my highlighters and my sticky notes and have been making a point of going through every booklet and book that i have on this surgery. i want notes, i want copious notes to prove to m...

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  • I'm struggling


    I have managed to gain three pounds in the last month and a half. I don't know how. In that time I converted to vegetarian and I'm gaining. :'( How am I going to have this surgery if I'm gai...

  • Approved!


    Hey all, I'm so excited that I have been approved for surgery. I am goin to meet surgeon and pay for optifast in Nov at TWH. Time is flying and I'm feeling so close now. Just sharing the new...

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  • Back at it


    It's been years since I posted so here is an upate. I gained all my weight back plus some. I have insurance but I can't jump through the hoops they may require to get surgery here in the U.S...

  • My Birthday


    Today is my 41st birthday. I just got home from vacation and today I'm quitting smoking and committing to my new eating habbits. I'm also going to start cutting down on my coffee intake. I'm...

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  • Pre-Op Day 1


    For the past few weeks I was really looking forward to getting to the Pre-Op stage.  I kept thinking about how great it was going to eventually feel.  Turns out, you don't feel great as inst...

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