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  • A Weekend away


    Well four weeks out today and still on soft foods I went away with the family for the weekend to Mystic, CT. Finding foods was challenging but not impossible. The first day for lunch we went...

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  • 10 year anniversary


    Today is my 10 year anniversary of gastric bypass surgery! I have kept off 124 lbs & couldn't be happier. Best decision I ever made! My health has never been better & my future looks...

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  • The Office is Closing But Not to Worry


    I will be back from vacation and have my sleep study done BEFORE they close on the 19th of August. Unfortunately, they don't have enough patiens for THAT office to remain open but they are s...

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  • Fear and Loathing of Type 2 Diabetes


    The main reason I decided to have bariatric surgery is because I have Type 2 Diabetes. It's a nasty, sneaky, insidious disease that can creep up on you when you're not looking. I certainly ...

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  • Back to work


    I’m coming off of 5 days of sun and fun. I took a five-day staycation at home, just me myself and I. During that time I managed to bike over 133 miles in three days. It’s was a glorious time...

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  • Kicked Bad Habits to the Curb!


     ***272.6***  Kind of not believing the scale this morning... I didn't have the most "stellar" food week. It wasn't completely horrible, but, we did kind of pig out at Whole Foods last night...

  • MET GOAL!!!


    Weighed in this am at 349.2!!! I broke the 350s! YAY!!! That is a loss this week of 9.2 pounds, IM BACK!!!! Thankful that I am moving and losing.  Back is a pretzel this morning so I think t...

  • Nausea after eating fruit


     I'm a year and three months post op and I can't eat fruit any kind makes me nauseated right way if I eat any thing raw also has this happen to any bodie    ...

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  • Complicated


    3 month follow ups revealed overall normal nutrition despite the fact I can barely eat.  Of course they want to know why so I get to have a CT (with contrast to rule out structure. Woohoo) a...

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  • Less emphasis on weight lost


    Thinking out loud…I have only been reading posts for a couple of months and only 11 days post-op, but I realize that I need ways to track my progress in returning to HEALTH following a major...